Vitamin Planet Vitamin Planet Fri, 24 Feb 2017 20:28:18 +0530 en Authentic Product Finally found a site where the product is cheap and authentic. My product was shipped through FEDEX next day only so the product came to me quickly. There was 2 trail pack of other flavor which was a great gesture from the seller. I am a very happy buyer and looking forward to buy more. Packet was sealed and with importer name and all i have just started using so all i can say is the taste is great. Great Great taste. Fast delivery. Authentic. Awesome macros.... and.... Fair price with a free sample. What more can one ask for. Thank you. why these product not in official site how to know product is genuine POOR Gained just 2 kgs in a month! Muscletech nitrotech whey 100% genuine product and most genuine online supplement store. I am confused I dont understand its this origional or not bcz what i recieve had different suppliment has scoop for 36g whereas here it says online its 44g.....I think its fake...and if its not fake tell me how to confirm its origional Perfect Whey Protein. Love the Strawberry Flavour I have used this protein for the past 2 months. I had used Strawberry Flavour, it has similar profile to that of ON WHey Protein. I had purchased it from local store. But now i am happy to see it on VitaminPlanet. Purchasing for the second time Taste :- 9 Mixibility - 8.5 Results - 8 SmartShake 20oz Thank You Vitamin Planet for providing a premium brand so easily. While ordering I was a little afraid that will it be an authentic product or not. But it is perfect. Also Mr. Anil is quite a supportive person, helped me handle my order so easily. Also would like to thank you for sending the FREE SAMPLE Packets of MP Combat 100% Whey. Will be ordering my complete stack from Vitamin Planet soon. Kudos !! 100% genuine product Product is really good . Thank u so much . Excellent in every way About Me : Male,26, 5"10, 80Kg.(Gained weight/fat recently due to job n NON WORKOUT +Alchohol comsumption) My goal is to cut the F** Fat out and build lean body,My job is not allowing me for keep up with the NATURAL NUTRITIONAL Thing.So i prefer the whey over Soy Considering digestion,dayto Day activities,workout time. *I have previously used ON Gold Standard,UN 100%Whey,MP Combat Powder and EAS Whey. *Previously Purchased From Healthkart,Snapdeal. i (Does not recommend Snapdeal,Healthkart was Good,no bad experience there.) About Product : I got the MpWhey 100% 5Lbs Chocolate yesterday, Authenticity is guaranteed.Received 2 seperate 33grams pack along with it.There is no doubt about the blends well and no stomach problem, easy to digest,Checked the lot no,bar code etc.All Perfect. I would recommend this product to everyone.Hence its amino spike free NOW. In 2.5kg u get almost 1.7kg of protein,Which is very good,Far better than UN&Muscletech. Tastes better than Muscletech&UN&EAS.Still i love the taste of ON Gold standard more,But feeling satisfied there. My Rating 9/10. Package & Delivery Very good Packaging, Delivered through FedEx,Came 2 days earlier than the Expected date.Awesome packaging ,i am well satisfied with the packaging&delivery. 10/10 Recommended Usage : I usually take 1 whole banana just before the Work out session, and prefer the whey along vth skimmed milk as Post workout in regular workout days. at the weekend i use it in the morning and evening. its entirely upto my workout schedule. will look forward to buy more in future/soon.