Vitamin Planet Vitamin Planet Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:06:58 +0530 en Perfect Whey Protein. Love the Strawberry Flavour I have used this protein for the past 2 months. I had used Strawberry Flavour, it has similar profile to that of ON WHey Protein. I had purchased it from local store. But now i am happy to see it on VitaminPlanet. Purchasing for the second time Taste :- 9 Mixibility - 8.5 Results - 8 SmartShake 20oz Thank You Vitamin Planet for providing a premium brand so easily. While ordering I was a little afraid that will it be an authentic product or not. But it is perfect. Also Mr. Anil is quite a supportive person, helped me handle my order so easily. Also would like to thank you for sending the FREE SAMPLE Packets of MP Combat 100% Whey. Will be ordering my complete stack from Vitamin Planet soon. Kudos !! 100% genuine product Product is really good . Thank u so much . Excellent in every way About Me : Male,26, 5"10, 80Kg.(Gained weight/fat recently due to job n NON WORKOUT +Alchohol comsumption) My goal is to cut the F** Fat out and build lean body,My job is not allowing me for keep up with the NATURAL NUTRITIONAL Thing.So i prefer the whey over Soy Considering digestion,dayto Day activities,workout time. *I have previously used ON Gold Standard,UN 100%Whey,MP Combat Powder and EAS Whey. *Previously Purchased From Healthkart,Snapdeal. i (Does not recommend Snapdeal,Healthkart was Good,no bad experience there.) About Product : I got the MpWhey 100% 5Lbs Chocolate yesterday, Authenticity is guaranteed.Received 2 seperate 33grams pack along with it.There is no doubt about the blends well and no stomach problem, easy to digest,Checked the lot no,bar code etc.All Perfect. I would recommend this product to everyone.Hence its amino spike free NOW. In 2.5kg u get almost 1.7kg of protein,Which is very good,Far better than UN&Muscletech. Tastes better than Muscletech&UN&EAS.Still i love the taste of ON Gold standard more,But feeling satisfied there. My Rating 9/10. Package & Delivery Very good Packaging, Delivered through FedEx,Came 2 days earlier than the Expected date.Awesome packaging ,i am well satisfied with the packaging&delivery. 10/10 Recommended Usage : I usually take 1 whole banana just before the Work out session, and prefer the whey along vth skimmed milk as Post workout in regular workout days. at the weekend i use it in the morning and evening. its entirely upto my workout schedule. will look forward to buy more in future/soon. Genuinity Guranteed. Great results with prescription directed. Have gained 1.8 kg mass in last 1 month with MassTech. Thank you vitamin planet for maintaining authenticity of the products as always. Third Party Report of MP Combat 100% Whey Please see this third party report of MP Combat 100% Whey. Best intra workout ever used This is the my first BCAA. And its really works for me during in between workout. you can say its a very best intra workout... Excellent Taste Great taste.. really love the chocolate thick shake when mixed with milk... Wonderful product.. Great Shaker :).... Thanks Vitamin planet... but delivery could have been better... :) No doubt in genuineness First of all i would like to say thank vitaminplanet team for serving authentic products and keeping their customer at safer side.On contrary, However, nowdays 80% products are fake in indian market where people are playing with youth's life by offering fake products at low price, since by nature we are greedy for money and attractive towards non-lucrative stuffs. the most important point i would like add here is body building or muscle building is not a day or a month job. Take your time and feed your body best with natural stuffs in addition to supplements. Supplements alone can't do magic, its your diet which promotes your body growth and an important step towards body building. Therefore, dont skip your natural diet and never ever replaced it with supplements. For us, supplements are like part time job. I would humbly request Vitamin Planet team, please keep serving us with authentic products and never ever think of cheating us and make money by offering fake products. You stand because of Customesr, the day you lose the m you will die. Now come to the product, I bought it first time through Vitaminplanet and found it authentic. There is no doubt in its authenticity, and yes they are the authorize online Retailer of Muscle tech in India; Other one is Nuvera (more known by neulife, I ordered it second time today. Buy Genuine and stay safe! Cheaper nd faster than neulife Effective 2 days delivery and rate less compared to neulife .... Vil always purchase 4m vitamin planet