Vitamin Planet Vitamin Planet Thu, 23 Mar 2017 09:45:07 +0530 en Very Nice 312 was always best because of its unique combo... now they have added with extra caffeine and green tea... which will boost your workout more. Only bad thing u can not take before bed as it contain strong caffeine..... BCAA Good product. price unfair you are charging rates for 10 lbs...but the 2lbs is free. 4lbs package cost 5,699. so according to this the cost of 10lbs nitro tech should be not more than 11,398/- please reduce to price accordingly...i will buy this product thean. thank you CAFFEINE I feel focused and alert ....superb energy... do not take more then one serving ... within 24hr if you r a bignr.... i only take 1 liquid capsul in one day .... safe srving ...srving depnd on your body capacity..... and take it 10 hours before to bedtime otherwise it will wake you for whole night ....... protien WAS OK NOT SO GREAT RESULT AS NITROTECH PRODUCT WAS genuine...... AS MPN IS A IMPOTR OF MUSCLETECH out of stock kindly make available. good protein Good protein for beginners. Authentic Product Finally found a site where the product is cheap and authentic. My product was shipped through FEDEX next day only so the product came to me quickly. There was 2 trail pack of other flavor which was a great gesture from the seller. I am a very happy buyer and looking forward to buy more. Packet was sealed and with importer name and all i have just started using so all i can say is the taste is great. Great Great taste. Fast delivery. Authentic. Awesome macros.... and.... Fair price with a free sample. What more can one ask for. Thank you. why these product not in official site how to know product is genuine